Meet Hope

My name is Hope, but don't hold me to it real hard.


I come from 60's southern soul, jazz, gospel, and Jesus folk. I married a cute non-musician. We raised a family. Now I'm a blues/jazz/songwriter/theater/worship leader/ singing Grandma.


I make Passion Projects. I make them myself, in my own way, in my own time, in my little old fashioned home town. I make what I want to hear and what I want to sing, and what I think the world needs. I'm as indie as you get and I'm okay with that.


Passion Project #1 is called, “Hoping for Real; songs inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit." I wrote and produced grown up songs after reading that curious little children's book.


Passion Project 2 is a Jazz album, recorded live (as only Jazz should) under the name CAROLINA BLUEBIRD JAZZ PROJECT. My vocals supported by a stellar trio of UNC jazz studies professors (sorry Dookies). The album releases on June 11—right on time for Ella Fitzgerald day. (Because she's queen). I'll be making more because that was the best fun ever. Go Here and give a listen!


I am a barefooter, dreamer, soul rocker, borrower, and my music is honest. I consider it my offering for where I'm standing on this little corner of the planet in the here and now. I view myself as an artist of Benediction and Blessing--regardless of the arena as secular or sacred.


I am thankful you found me. I would love to have you as a friend in this digital space. This is where I can meet people like you, and hopefully, bless your life and home by what I make from my own.

Hope is married to Mark and they have six perfect grandchildren. They live an ordinary life in North Carolina.

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