Hoping For Real

An independent artist in her sage-season, Hope Newman Kemp is an piano-driven songwriter, stage singer, and music maker.

Hope is releasing her first concept album, "Hoping For Real: Songs Inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit" (August 2018) to debut theatrical and thematic songwriting. The project is produced by Ben Hardesty (The Last Bison), and invitingly imprints his folkchestral design style in elegant complement to Hope's accessible vocal and piano delivery.

Hope Newman Kemp performs a live version of the project called: Hoping for Real: a songwriter’s retelling of “The Velveteen Rabbit” as a theatrical showcase featuring Kemp on piano and vocals, her 6 piece band as backup, and 2 actors reading the book by Margery Williams. The script was developed and directed by Matthew Davidson.

Recorded at: Music Mania, Burlington, NC Dark Pines Studios, Graham NC COLLECTORNorfolk, Norfolk VA

Mixed: Sick Island Studios, Nashville TN

Mastered: Bluefield Mastering, Raleigh NC

Audio recording produced by Benjamin Hardesty

Art work by Barbora Mickle

Players: Vocals/Piano/Juno/Organ: Hope Newman Kemp Percussion: Benjamin Hardesty Guitar: David Kemp Cello: Amos Housworth Violin: Matthew Davidson Double Bass: John Fraser